Friday, 29 November 2013

Coalition of the Winning.....(cont.)

So Allies for Inquisition....

Let's have a quick review of our favourites:

1) Codex: IG

2) Codex: BA

3) Codex: SM

4) Codex: GK

Some quick thoughts....

1) IG....

Ideal fit for Ordo Xenos:
The first thing that springs to mind is the Blob Squad, fill it with power axes on the Sgts.  Don't bother tagging in a Commissar, you can get a Stubborn Ld10 character without sacrificing PW attacks for a reroll...and this for around half the points....add Hammerhand and Rad Grenades done....

Karamazov....this match up was made for this guy, few tag teams offer sacrificial units like IG....infiltrate a small squad with a PW let it get charged, survive one turn and then Nuke it in your turn....."send in the next wave" would be a perfect match up for this meanie....

Ordo Hereticus and Xenos could make an evil death star with Straken in their midst....Null Rod, HH, Plas Syphon and Rads and pile into the LR, perhaps throw in Nork too for kicks....charge.....think about this with HH Straken becomes lots of attacks at Str8 (everyone else Str5) on the charge against -1T anything, with a Force weapon that can instant gibb pretty much anything and an AP3 Null rod for instant gibbing Psykers, GK etc etc....a fair few ablative wounds in the group too, perhaps issue a challenge with Straken, he'll still get the bonuses.....that's not a nice thought to be honest.....carry the Liber Heresius and cause a fear test before you've even's going to cause problems....

Ordo Malleus...Terminator armour, Psycannon, DH, Warlord done

2) BA.... Xenos for HH Rad combo...Servo many options, I can't remember if an Inquisitor could join up with a DC squad....if he could....

....for kicks how about Joining Mephiston with a couple of Sang Priests in a mini deathstar, I'm sure even Meph would like some assistance from time to time.....HH Rad grenades, Plas Syphon....anyone? As far as I'm aware Meph is a unit on his own that can be joined by ICs btw...

3) Codex: SM

But specifically FW Red Hunters.....lets take a look and remind ourselves....

Adamantium Will
Mneumonic Redaction Protocols
By this Seal, Battle Brothers with GK as long as an Inq is alive

Once per game, the same number of units (incl. Dreds) as whichever turn it is can all auto get one of the following rules:

• Counter-attack
• Monster Hunter
• Tank Hunters
• Hatred

For me any of the three highlighted are particularly good,  Red Hunters Devastators are really versatile, as are Dreds....

But do they specifically benefit from having an Inq around?  Well if you want GK Librarian blessings its a start....

An Inquisitor is a cheap way of teaming up with GK and getting HQs out there, but it's also a great way of laying down some serious Prescience with cheap Psykers available to give as many units as possible rerolls to hit.....this seems incredibly in turn three or four shoot with any of these skills and shits going down.....

Now imagine carrying a Liber Heresius......Split Fire comes into it's own.....That's a lot of rerolling fire support/ anti-air....but when the protocols kick in something is going to die...

Codex GK:

The ONLY way to get any of the Elite Assassin clades......that's enough for me

Want to fight a Daemonic incursion....don't leave home without your Grimlore of True Names.....that's going to hurt something nasty a lot....

...I think the best thing here is the extra power an Inquisitor can bring to GK in linking in other allies which full fill deficiencies, light tanks in particular Predators, Vindicators, Whirlwinds etc borrowed from the Red Hunters.....

I'm sure there's millions more, opportunities provided from the Liber Heresius seem the most exciting as there are so many combo's.....

Coalition of the Winning

OK so whilst I have much maligned the new GW digital Codex: Inquisition it is full of a whole heap of new combinations, most are bound to get retcon'd out of existence due to unsettling the balance of things 

Edit: hmmm....perhaps we've always known that GW FAQers are more Amalathian than the Monodominant traits their legal team gets accused of being :) 

Anyway on with the show.....Now ignoring the massive change in the meta game of allowing a third Codex to be in your army lets look at it in more detail.....

The second biggest single change in this new codex is that the Inquisition can buddy up with any other Imperial Army, that means that as well as all those groovy psychic powers (Prescience, Hammerhand, Psychic Communion) that now come into play, all their equipment can benefit allies too, so Servo Skulls, Rad Grenades, Psychout Grenades, Null Rod are free to be spread around too.

On top of that it delivers new special rules in Warlord traits and relics which offer awesome combination potential.....

(This said I still maintain it's not worth the £15.99 GW are charging for the android version but hey)

So how might these changes be best made use of:

Psychic Powers:

Now in the past I complained about the nerf to furious charge and the bitter pill the BA players had to swallow, however add Hammer Hand to the unit, now BA assault troops are now Str6 on the charge, couple this with Rad grenades and you're dealing instant death to any base T4 acolyte out it seems HoW hits wont count as the power only affects the psyker and his unit so no spreading the love for extra strength on the Int10 hits, not even sure that would be legal but still....Now this is quite well known to GK players but having it available to any unit in the Imperium is a huge equaliser.  Any unit instantly gets so much better with Hammerhand.

For once I can see a real opportunity to take on units of Wraiths, instant killing each one with a single attack just became a real possibility.

Psychic Communion probably has the greatest potential to have synergies with other codices, bringing flyers in just at the right time is crucial in gaining a tactical advantage, but how about bringing in the rest of those Drop Pods on turn two or three, combine this with the utility of servo skulls and the Inquisitor just became the lynch pin for any deep strike assault.

Exchanging for BRB powers is always a viable option when Prescience is on offer, not that Marines really have need for rerolls to hit anymore, but prescience on a Sternguard Veteran Squad is a definite win.  Especially as Sternguard with rerolls to hit was considered to powerful to alow them access to Bolter Drill.....well that proxy Death Watch unit just got it back.....but this works in CC too.  Now imagine Combi Meltas or multiple flamers with the ability to drop pod in and then split fire......with rerolls? Not interested? 

If they don't nerf this then it was designed to be this awesome.....


Servo Skull, Servo Skull, Servo Skull and that's how many you want....

Pending a rules inquiry servo skulls will allow your BA Assault Squads to deploy from Deep Strike without scattering....not even D6".....worth thinking about.

Drop Pods also became precision implements of delivery, after scattering and deploying your pretty much guaranteed to deliver the guys within 2" of the spot you want them's really amazing.....this means Frag Cannons, Heavy Flamers, Melta guns in Pods became so much more reliable.....This will Definitely see a return to Alpha strike, some players wont like it, but it's going to happen for sure....

Land no one really Deep Strikes a 260pts if it has a footprint the size of a Realm of Battle Board...but allowing for 6 inches....that's so much easier as the LR will almost always land partially on the spot you pick for it....with pre-measuring this means you can deliver a hard as nails Assault vehicle right into your opponents face, with a high likelihood to bring it in exactly when you want it to arrive.....perhaps just after the orbital bombardments have prepped the area.....

Rad Grenades are just my favourite piece of war gear since the rogue trader days, they completely nerf your opponent and there's nothing that can be done to defend against them.....which makes me think Snipers are going to become common place.....

Null Rods are going to be everywhere, I can see a Xenos and Heretical Inquisitorial tag team popping up into lots of lists, what's not clear is if the Null Rod works whilst embarked as clearly this would be an advantage....if only I'd taken this when I fought the Doom of Malan'tai...but it's not just it's massive potential for defence it delivers in attack too, provided any Str3 attacks can get through at AP3 this is taking down big stuff....

My brain hurts now I need to go rest in my pain glove for a while...I'll be back with some more thoughts on using the Tome of Vethric and how it works.....



Saturday, 16 November 2013

Review of the New Digital Codex: Inquisition

If you're thinking of buying the new digital codex......don't

+++communication ends+++

Well.....let's try and be objective....

New stuff you get

Some new fluff
Ordo specific warlord traits
3x Inquisition relics
Access to LR and Valk as dedicated transports

What you don't get, what they could have given you....

Access to proper Storm Troopers as troops.....(only the henchmen BS3 equivalent)
Access to Deathwatch or any other new unit...
Access to penal troops
Special access to Assassin clades outside of GK allies
Wargear beyond the GK codex
Storm Ravens
Conclaves of Inquisitors
Additional rules for mini/ home brew Ordos

As usual I get so excited about the prospect of some decent attention for the Inquisition, instead we get a very weak and very poor value job from the guys that matter......honestly I could have done better.....

Yet again we're left feeling exploited for our

Thursday, 25 April 2013

WIP Sanguinor Conversion

I don't know what it is about the GW sculpt of the Sanguinor, but it doesn't inspire me that this guy is a real bad ass....yet his rules make him da'boss...

The Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Host

I imagined something a little darker, perhaps more a tense dark figure than an exalted sunshine figure....

Here's some images of what I mean......these guys are much more talented at sketching than I so I've used their images to illustrate what I was going for.....

Black Angel Revisit

SciFi and Fantasy Art Kneeling Angel of War by Janie Ng

SciFi and Fantasy Art Angel Knight by Daniel-David ´Guert´ Guertin

SciFi and Fantasy Art Kneeling Angel by Alexza Nicole Johnson

I think you can get the I took a finecast Sanguinor and chopped him to bits, pinned practically every joint and tried positioning him as best I could, plenty of green stuff and sticky fingers and here's what I eventually came up with......

The Blood Shadows Sanguinor

The green stuff needs tidying up, but I'm quite happy with this guy.....slight problem is that he's way over 25mm in diameter....I may need to make a special base.....

Deathwatch Keepers (feat. Horus Heresy Deathshrouds)

Deathwatch Keepers are amongst the longest serving members of the watch

Hi guys, around Christmas of 2012 I fell in love.....not for the first time....but this time I knew it was for real......Forgeworld's Deathshroud terminators, they're amazing, possibly my favourite space marine sculpts ever.....

But as an owner of Imperial armies I had to have a long think as to how I could incorporate them into any of my existing armies....I just had to!

As part of my Deathwatch project I had been struggling for some time with viable ordo xenos troops choices......(no storm troopers without coteaz, curses).  Then my solution was delivered to me mainly thanks to FFG and the improved fluff they've created about the Deathwatch.

Deathwatch Keepers, guardians of ancient xenos relics, protectors of the Ordos' darkest secrets.....(awesome!!).....they wear armour amongst the oldest to be found in the Deathwatch.....(sweet, justifies the Heresy look!!).......They carry double handed CCWs like eviserators etc.......(well its not a hard stretch to justify a scythe now is it?!!)

So I had my fluff but which rules to use.

Unfortunately those amazing flamer weapons would have to no known terminator in the Imperium can carry 5x diddy they had to go....  I did consider calling it done and claiming the scythes to count as lightning claws allowing them to proxy as assault termies, but I feel that's a bit of a stretch......

The I realised with the addition of a Stormbolter these guys nicely slot in as GK Termies, I had initially thought about them being Paladins, but then I realised I could take Termies as troops fulfilling my troop allocation for my GK Ordo Xenos allies!  This means I'll now be able to take a proper Ordo Xenos inquisitor, an Assassin, GK Termies and a Stormraven to back up my BA Deathwatch or vice versa......if there's enough points I may be able to squeeze a set of Stormtrooper henchmen in too (though clearly @13pts each it'd just be for the fluff).

Suffer not the alien to live.........these guys are troops :)

Getting on with the Job

When my order came through from FW I was in awe of the models and had to take time to honour the machine spirit of the terminator armour before hacking bits off, the models are so nice I really needed to make the conversion count.  

The detail on the deathshrouds is amazing and very delicate,   however this did mean some of the mold flash is next to impossible to remove.  After modifying the Deathguard symbols down to being just a skull and removing the flamers I set about looking for Storm bolter bits.

I had a couple of spare sprues of PAGK lying in wait but really don't like the new GK pig nosed stormbolters, so I went searching through my bits box and found some BA SG Angelus boltguns which looked ideal, when combined with either a boltpistol or another angelus gun they look smart.  To be RHS mounted I needed to switch the ammo packs to the opposite side of the barrel which was easy enough.   In the end I had to resort to using a single PAGK stormbolter to complete the set, but with an Angelus ammo pack its nowhere near as bad.

I also had to consider a balance with table top play, so I gave one guy an incinerator and another a hammer, I had wanted to through in a banner and considered Psycannons too, but they where too challenging on such complex models, perhaps with a TAGK box the bits would be more amenable.

The idea of having instant death weapons is quite funky so I do need to think about it, having said that I'm much more likely to use Hammer hand in CC than to use the force capability, the Hammer can ID most things anyhow. 

I really want to take Justicar Thawn too as he's a level 2 psyker boss that makes the squad fearless, can hammer hand and ID badguys.....may need a specific model for this guy......then a banner too

Friday, 19 April 2013

Are BA Scouts worth it?

"Dib Dib Dob Dob CC Monsters..."

OK so most fellas will tell you that the only way to run BA Scouts is to camp on an objective whilst toting sniper rifles.

I on the other hand want my neophytes blooded in the most glorious fighting on the battle field!

Here's some bullets as to why:
  • Infiltrating Scouts with a locator beacon can bring a Dante-esque precision strike right into your opponents backlines.
  • Combined with a minimum of 3 drop pods you're guaranteed to bring in 2x units of reinforcements on your first turn.  A little more susceptible to dice rolls but you can also get off the Heroic intervention a little easier.
  • They can get 2 (3) Attacks base, boosted to 3 (4) with either Chapter Banner or Sanguinor
  • At WS3 Str4 Int4, this means they hit on 4's, wound on 4's vs marines, exactly the same as an Assault squad.  With a powerfist on the Sgt thats WS4 Str8 Int1 to pile in late and snipe those bad guys.
  • They can carry a combi-melta and powerfist
  • Yes they only get a 4+ save but can get +1 cover save if equipped with camo cloaks, together with a Librarian they can nearly always get a 4+ cover save thanks to the Shield of Sanguinias psychic.
  • Yes you can't attach a priest if they infiltrate but with DOA and a 75pt priest you can precision strike on in from reserve or my preferred method of bringing one in first turn in a drop pod.
  • They still get red thirst so can be fearless, though they have ATSKNF anyway.
  • They have the same Ld as marines, with Tycho they're leadership 10.
  • They have Move Through Cover
So the biggest negatives to infiltrating scouts they shoot worse than marines and they can die quicker than marines, particularly in cc as vs shooting they have the cover buff.

This doesn't need that much mitigation, scouts shooting before the charge isn't really so important, they will die though.  In the old days of an Int5 furious charge this could be gotten its a straight up fist fight they will die faster than Assault marines.........this just means you need to take more of them!

A ten man scout squad with locator beacon, combi weapon and powerfist is 200 points, it's an extra 30pts for camo cloaks, I tend not to do it on the assault guys, if I bring a squad with bolters as support they might get the upgrade.

200 points sounds like a lot, 600 points for three squads is also not cheap.  But it does give you a precision strike to the rest of your army.  If you want to play Russian roulette you can save 50pts by just taking one locator beacon and rely on your drop pods to act as the homing device from turn 2, and actually with the 3+ from reserves it's a lot easier to bring stuff in before that pod goes boom.

The power in this list is what you bring in from reserves, Furioso Dreds are great for getting attention, you could also deploy something eye catching like a vindicator on the table.  Scouts can literally become invisible to your opponent until he's dealt with the greater perceived threat.

Interesting Allies for this are other infiltrating units, Cpt. Shrike and a unit of Termies, Devastators or Sternguard........From GK an assassin or two, 30 scouts would provide a decent meat shield for a Vindicare assassin, if not a little over kill.......

I'll have a go at thinking up a list and put it up here later.


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Deathwatch (BA Honour Guard) Combi Melta & Flamer

Combi - Melta Flamer

So for my Deathwatch I wanted Wall of Death D3s and 2D6 armour penetration but didn't want to model my guys with two goonish guns....... I decided to make one mahoosive goon gun! In fact not one......but four.......

Introducing the Kill Team Command Squad:

Apothecary Shardlake Black shield of the Deathwatch

Battle-Brother Astrax Black shield of the Deathwatch

Battle-Brother Ivan Black shield of the Deathwatch

Battle-Brother Zieger Black shield of the Deathwatch

Battle-Brother Thorgen Black shield of the Deathwatch

This squad will accompany Commander of the Watch Tycho.

Watch Commander (BA Tycho)                                         .......175pts

Deathwatch Command Squad (Honour Guard)                    .......220pts


Apothecary is armed with
Bolt Pistol 
Frag/ Krak grenades

Each Battle-Brother is armed with 
Frag/ Krak grenades
edit: 3 Battle Brothers (without Banner) have Melta Bombs

One Battle-Brother carries the Banner of the Watch (BA Chapter Banner)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

BA Honour Guard as Deathwatch Kill Team

Just how many guns to take?

So as part of my extended Deathwatch project I want to build a BA honour guard as a Deathwatch kill team to accompany Cpt. Tycho my Master of the Watch.

They'll not be going with Jump packs, as I think I covered earlier special weapons and Jump packs are for RAS and Sanguinary Guards.

I want something that's going to model as well as it plays.....


Normally my kill team/ honour guard/ stern guard units are used like a punch to the face, dropped in first turn to focus the enemies attention where I want it and to stop them progressing across the board, I'd normally drop a Furioso or regular Dred in a pod too to split the enemies fire.

I don't think they'll need a power weapon, although I'm considering a Blood champion to protect Tycho from any biased challenges.

So what wargear loadout should these Ordo Xenos bad asses be packing.....


Storm Bolters are a nice option, they provide funky extra shots at distance making up for low squad numbers and can compliment specialist short range weapons like meltas and flamers.  They're also dirt cheap.

Flamers, now I'm all for flamers in the face on first turn, especially against hordes.  I've also found multiple flamers reliable enough to thin the ranks of TEQs too.  It's a shame there's not a heavy flamer option but these will definitely figure.  But my main reason for wanting these is for overwatch Wall of Death.....if there was a 5pt per model option that just let you auto hit assulting units with D3 Str4 Ap5 hits I'd take it, and these babies can ignore cover too.

Melta guns vs Plasma, I've always favoured the melta vs. plasma, 40k has an amazing habit of throwing up Gets Hot results right when you don't need them.  But with TEQ and the 2+ save becoming so important in 6th Ed, the extra shots are definitely useful.  However if you face off against Paladins or even BA TEQs, melta has to be the better choice to instant gib and get round feel no pain.  Meltas are cheaper too, unless one goes for the gunslinger infernus option, which does increase the number of shots, but we lose out on our defensive template weapons which I really want to keep.  If I go for plasma I always tend to pack a melta bomb or two to take on serious armour, which to be honest isn't needed if one's packing melta heat.

I'm just mulling over the two options:

1) 2x hand flamer gunslingers  & 2x infernus gunslingers = 80 pts

2) 4 Flamer & 4 Meltas = 60 pts

20 pts for an extra 4 Str4 AP- attacks seems a lot, but it is cheaper than the chapter banner by 10 points, however the weapons in option 2 are far more superior, so I'm heading that way I think.  

I'll be playing around now with some Flamer / Melta combi weapon proto-types......

Monday, 15 April 2013

Blood Angels Deathwatch Contingent

I've never seen the attraction of a Str 3 Ap6 flame weapon, 
however gimme two of them and I might change my mind..........gimme 8 and I'm sold!

OK so I've decided I'm going to reconnect with my fluff and work the Ordo Xenos Deathwatch aspect a little more.  I want an allied detachment of BA to sit as a Deathwatch strike force to partner a GK or IG army.  Now I want these guys to be stand out as Deathwatch with all their flavour and special wargear.  I intend to incorporate either Tycho in DW livery or a DW librarian, I was thinking which units could imaginatively come across as Deathwatch without excessively proxying the BA's DNA too much.  

The challenge is creating a flavour that is beyond the obvious Sternguard vets (who will definitely figure), I want some more variety in the other FOC slots.

Death Co. and Sanguinary guard have plenty of character but are so recognisable as Blood Angels its a stretch for me to proxy them as anything else........I'd considered creating some fluff to explain their special rules away, but I'd just end up telling my opponent that they were Death Company for ease of recognition during a game.

The options I'm looking at then are Honour Guard, none D.Co. Troops and Vanguard vets...... It occurred to me I could take advantage of the "Gunslingers" pistols rule to make a cool unit with enough character and special shooting to allow them to pass as Deathwatch.....

Honour Guard are clearly head and shoulders the most versatile shooting unit in the codex, the ability to take two special weapons is attractive from a conversion and a game play point of view and they're fully capable of fielding four gunslingers too.  

So the Honour Guard are top of the list, not to mention they bring a much needed priest and put extra bodies into the allied detachment without filling up the FOC.  But how about making them gunslingers? Certainly not with plasma pistols, plasma guns can put out that many shots much cheaper, but for infernus you can double the number of shots available, though its not cheap......but where I really get excited is the thought of using hand flamers......8 hand flamer templates and the overwatch potential could be quite a deterrent to opposing charging units......8D3 a minimum of 8 and a max of 24 possible strength 3 auto hits, add melta bombs and you're good to take out MCs and walkers too.....perhaps exchange 1 guy for a melta gun/ flamer combo and escort Tycho into the midst of battle......If I go with a Libby option I might consider doing a prescience/plasma mix with flamers as secondary weapons, this could also be funky.

Tactical squads are out just too vanilla for me, they got a boost in 6th but are only capable of fielding plasma pistols on the sergeant and the rapid fire and one heavy dictates plasma on the special for me too.  Gunslinging plasma pistols just don't make sense when a combi-plas is available for 1/3 of the cost.

RAS: Well these guys can do ok, we can get 1x special and 1x gunslinger for a five man squad, they get a nice discount on a transport, as well as fulfilling the allied troop requirement.  The three to seven guys with chainswords isn't ideal but could work under proxy just fine.  The RAS is one of the cheapest power armoured troop choices in the game when taking into account the 35 point discount for a transport.  If there's value to be had it's here.  

Toting plasma doesn't make much sense though, not just because of the restrictive rapid fire on the special weapons but also in regard to what you get: The extra points for two extra plasma shots, coupled with the higher cost of the special weapon makes this option really expensive, 1x plasma gun and 2x plasma pistols practically adds 50% to the cost of a 5 man squad, making it cheaper to do the same job with Sternguard.  

The infernus gunslinger and melta gun is only marginally more attractive as it answers the assault concern of plasma, however a 5 man unit with three melta shots at <6" costs the same as a Sternguard squad putting out three melta shots at upto 12".  

The RAS infernus gunslinger could be useful    as a cheap alternative jump pack unit to accompany Dante in a BA loadout, but not for this Deathwatch purpose.  

As with the Honour Guard, I like the low cost big effect of taking 2 hand flamers, add a cheap Str4 flamer in the squad and I'm all over it.  Now the Sternguard can't put out 3 templates for 125 so this does bring something different to the table. Yes, the Sternguard have rapid fire dragonfire bolts however, they don't give 3D3 auto hits to overwatch......(hmmm note to self another idea...equip Sternguard with combi flamers for wall of death anti-charge deterrent?!)  

Vanguard vets on first glance look attractive to bring something different, there's potential for upto 4x gunslingers and a pistol/powerweapon combo on the vet sgt,  however Vanguard vets are really expensive!  They're the same cost as Death Company with none of the rules and more expensive than Sanguinary guard once loaded with wargear.....The only way I can ever imagine using them will be for the heroic intervention with melta bombs, now this could be a fluffy Deathwatch style demolitions mission, but I really struggle to know what they do once they've come in and done the HI thing and then get shot to bits.....

So my first attempt at a DW Allies list just for fun:

HQ: 460pts

Capt Tycho 

Honour Guard w/ 8x hand flamers and 1x melta bombs, chapter banner, 
Dedicated transport: Heavy flamer razor back

Elite: 205

5 Sternguard w/ 2 meltas and 3 combi weapons (melta or plas)
Dedicated transport: Heavy flamer razor back

Troop: 150

5 man RAS with 1x flamers, twin hand flamers and a melta bomb on the sgt 
(must check precision shot rules for templates?!)
Dedicated transport: Heavy flamer razor back

Fast: 180

Land Speeder Squadron with twin heavy bolters each (not flamers I know)

All comes in at a whopping 995points....ah well may have to drop the honour guard......they do seem excessive.....I did fancy sneaking in an extra attack for Tycho too...I could scrap 'em and run  Tycho with the RAS instead....perhaps drop Tycho in favour of a Libby for an even lower cost option......

As for the Speeders? They're BS4, can move anywhere and put out 18x Str 5 AP4 shots each turn and get a jink save what's not to love......I sometimes run a double melta version for 240 points but this is about DW and they, like me, like heavy bolters..........and gunslingers are expensive.....

Thursday, 11 April 2013

OK so been off for a while pressures of coaching, family and stealing a living.......finally back at the painting table to get some of those troops painted up!