Saturday, 28 January 2012

In 2.101.997.M41 During  a termite expedition by a Deathwatch Kill Team 2176 fathoms into the Carpathian crust, psychomagnetic distortions were detected hinting at the presence of a void field.
Later investigations by adeptus excavators revealed the outer butress structure of the ferrocrete frame of the ancient Void gate "Ultra Silvam"
The first contact with the gate was problematic, when the first teams were within meters of the gate the heads of the adeptus excavator crews, servitors and cogitators alike all exploded in a psyconic wave of gore, numerous attempts were made at approaching the gate, with the same dreadful effect.
Only Hadessong himself equipped with a psychic hood was able to approach the gate, his sacrifice that day will be remembered forever amongst the peoples of Carpathia; Lord Inquisitor Hadessong was the first human in millennia to cross the Ultra Silvam and reunite with the indigenous peoples of Carpathia.
It was then up to Hadessong's replacement Inquisitor Lord Xemplaarmentaarius to oversee their reintegration into the Imperium of man......   
1.250.850.M41 Data slates unearthed on Talasa Prime; recordings are degraded but turn up auspex readings taken during a Death Watch Kill Team mission against Tyranid infested world in Segmentum Tempestus
0.335.870.M41 Ordo Xenos cogitators confirm the records to be from the fated Excommunicated traitor's mission to Carpathia 
0.980.872 Further analysis of the files is suspended due to diminishing returns after encountering  a hidden psychic encryption  
0.500.910.M41 Ordo Xenos latent cogitator analysis hints towards docile machine spirits resident on Carpathia  
1.450.985.M41 Martian telemetry confirms a 65% affirmation that STC technology exists on Carpathia
1.452.985.M41 Adeptus Mechanicus  from Magos Biologis petition the High Lords of Terra to begin the purging of Carpathia under the auspices of studying the genetic pedigree of the indigenous Tyranids
0.460.985.M41 Ordo Xenos advocate establishing a Death Watch training base on Carpathia in order to trial an experimental grade of Hellfire+ biotoxin
0.470.985.M41 The High Lords of Terra authorise extraneous budget for an Adeptus Mechanicus mission to Carpathia, once Ordo Xenos have established a forward base of operations

Vehemont Blackhart

High Chaplain, Master of Sanctity, Master of Shades


Ne Cede Malis, Oderint dum metuant-  do not concede to evil, let them hate so long as they fear



Trascus Sophceles Rasputin
Chief Librarian, Master of Fear, Master of Artifice
Animus imperat - the mind rules

Ares Tyranus Lygomanius

Chapter Master of the Blood Shadows
Arch Regent of Carpathia
Equerry of Mars
Wielder of Hives Bane and Dragons Breath
Guardian of the Void gate
Champion of the Deathwatch 

Umbra Invictus sumus, Timidus Incarnatus sumus -
We are invincible Shadows, We are fear incarnate
Abyssus abyssum invocat - hell invokes hell

Chapter Master3.JPG

Thursday, 26 January 2012

....Examined and tested by Ordo Xenos and Magos Biologis alike; Carpathian gene stock was matched for synergenetically against the ancient warrior chapters of the Adeptus Astartes.... usual answer and a new opportunity, veiled in yet further secrecy their Carpathian pedigree free from taint could yield a solution to a heavy burdened curse......

Of the inhabitants deemed worthy and pure the Ordos found use for their inherent stealthy skills and indigenous knowledge of the Xenos Hive....

Reunited with the war machine of humanity the Carpathians will finally take the fight to the greatest depths of their Labyrinth world...and beyond to the stars.........

.......From the blood line of Sanguinius, from his maligned sons of the second founding .....

...The Blood Shadows..........

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


It is 2.756.997.M41....On the Labyrinth world of Carpathia in the wake of Hive Fleet Leviathan and as the morbid revelations of the STARK report have began to be truly understood..... Lord Inquisitor Van Hadessong is dispatched with a team of Bioacolytes from Mars to a lost world....there is a chance meeting, driven by powers beyond fate....a reunion..... as contact is made with the lost remnants of a subterranean agricultural colony....colonists persevering on faith, to this day adhering to ancient rituals, honouring the Guardian of the Abyss, surviving in the darkness they say through his divine provenance, sustained by his guiding light....and  the blood legacy of his most honoured son....

....after years of penance and rigorous examination, kin are welcomed back into the Emperors fold, the colonists are once again given purpose, opportunity and a mission of the gravest importance....