Saturday, 16 November 2013

Review of the New Digital Codex: Inquisition

If you're thinking of buying the new digital codex......don't

+++communication ends+++

Well.....let's try and be objective....

New stuff you get

Some new fluff
Ordo specific warlord traits
3x Inquisition relics
Access to LR and Valk as dedicated transports

What you don't get, what they could have given you....

Access to proper Storm Troopers as troops.....(only the henchmen BS3 equivalent)
Access to Deathwatch or any other new unit...
Access to penal troops
Special access to Assassin clades outside of GK allies
Wargear beyond the GK codex
Storm Ravens
Conclaves of Inquisitors
Additional rules for mini/ home brew Ordos

As usual I get so excited about the prospect of some decent attention for the Inquisition, instead we get a very weak and very poor value job from the guys that matter......honestly I could have done better.....

Yet again we're left feeling exploited for our

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