Thursday, 25 April 2013

WIP Sanguinor Conversion

I don't know what it is about the GW sculpt of the Sanguinor, but it doesn't inspire me that this guy is a real bad ass....yet his rules make him da'boss...

The Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Host

I imagined something a little darker, perhaps more a tense dark figure than an exalted sunshine figure....

Here's some images of what I mean......these guys are much more talented at sketching than I so I've used their images to illustrate what I was going for.....

Black Angel Revisit

SciFi and Fantasy Art Kneeling Angel of War by Janie Ng

SciFi and Fantasy Art Angel Knight by Daniel-David ´Guert´ Guertin

SciFi and Fantasy Art Kneeling Angel by Alexza Nicole Johnson

I think you can get the I took a finecast Sanguinor and chopped him to bits, pinned practically every joint and tried positioning him as best I could, plenty of green stuff and sticky fingers and here's what I eventually came up with......

The Blood Shadows Sanguinor

The green stuff needs tidying up, but I'm quite happy with this guy.....slight problem is that he's way over 25mm in diameter....I may need to make a special base.....


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    1. Cheers dude....been thinking of making him for a while....and another on for the painting que :s