Tuesday, 16 April 2013

BA Honour Guard as Deathwatch Kill Team

Just how many guns to take?

So as part of my extended Deathwatch project I want to build a BA honour guard as a Deathwatch kill team to accompany Cpt. Tycho my Master of the Watch.

They'll not be going with Jump packs, as I think I covered earlier special weapons and Jump packs are for RAS and Sanguinary Guards.

I want something that's going to model as well as it plays.....


Normally my kill team/ honour guard/ stern guard units are used like a punch to the face, dropped in first turn to focus the enemies attention where I want it and to stop them progressing across the board, I'd normally drop a Furioso or regular Dred in a pod too to split the enemies fire.

I don't think they'll need a power weapon, although I'm considering a Blood champion to protect Tycho from any biased challenges.

So what wargear loadout should these Ordo Xenos bad asses be packing.....


Storm Bolters are a nice option, they provide funky extra shots at distance making up for low squad numbers and can compliment specialist short range weapons like meltas and flamers.  They're also dirt cheap.

Flamers, now I'm all for flamers in the face on first turn, especially against hordes.  I've also found multiple flamers reliable enough to thin the ranks of TEQs too.  It's a shame there's not a heavy flamer option but these will definitely figure.  But my main reason for wanting these is for overwatch Wall of Death.....if there was a 5pt per model option that just let you auto hit assulting units with D3 Str4 Ap5 hits I'd take it, and these babies can ignore cover too.

Melta guns vs Plasma, I've always favoured the melta vs. plasma, 40k has an amazing habit of throwing up Gets Hot results right when you don't need them.  But with TEQ and the 2+ save becoming so important in 6th Ed, the extra shots are definitely useful.  However if you face off against Paladins or even BA TEQs, melta has to be the better choice to instant gib and get round feel no pain.  Meltas are cheaper too, unless one goes for the gunslinger infernus option, which does increase the number of shots, but we lose out on our defensive template weapons which I really want to keep.  If I go for plasma I always tend to pack a melta bomb or two to take on serious armour, which to be honest isn't needed if one's packing melta heat.

I'm just mulling over the two options:

1) 2x hand flamer gunslingers  & 2x infernus gunslingers = 80 pts

2) 4 Flamer & 4 Meltas = 60 pts

20 pts for an extra 4 Str4 AP- attacks seems a lot, but it is cheaper than the chapter banner by 10 points, however the weapons in option 2 are far more superior, so I'm heading that way I think.  

I'll be playing around now with some Flamer / Melta combi weapon proto-types......

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